Salim Satir, Ph.D., P. Eng.

Bodybuilding has long been Salim’s passion, thanks to his skill and love for the sport. Naturally athletic, Salim undertook a number of sports including wrestling, Kung Fu, soccer, basketball, and sprints. Over the years, Salim’s dedication to sculpting his body grew and competing at a junior level, he won the title of Mr. Turkey. He also placed 9th and 15th in the Junior World Bodybuilding Championships. Salim’s foray into the Canadian bodybuilding scene landed him the title of Mr. New Brunswick in 2005, where he won the heavy weight and overall bodybuilding championship.

Salim’s expertise in training hundreds of professional athletes and coaches as well as, world-class body builders and fitness athletes stems from an intimate knowledge of the sport and years of research spent in improving diet and training techniques. Salim approaches body building from a holistic standpoint. It is not just about the body, but the mindset. There is no “try” in his vocabulary; only “do”.


As involved as he is in bodybuilding, Salim has never given up on his academic and professional interests.He is an engineer and holds a doctorate as well as a post-doc in civil engineering from the University of New Brunswick in Canada. Salim applies the same clinical efficiency to improving business processes and optimizing operational efficiencies. Streamline your expenses and achieve better results with lower risks. Salim also has several diversified interests in various businesses as an entrepreneur.

From a training standpoint, Salim’s methods are driven by the desire to bring out the best from each individual. There are several instances of athletes spending time, energy and financial resources only to reach a plateau and be frustrated. You will not see that with the Satir method which targets your strengths and is customized based on each client’s limitations; be it time, finances or genetic traits. Salim will work with you to achieve your goals in a realistic manner with the attention and guidance that comes from several years of experience. If you are looking for strategic and tactical management solutions for your fitness needs, he is your man.

A longtime Canadian citizen, Salim lives in Montreal with his wife and their beloved felines.